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The Show were playing today

Its the Pittsburgh Tech 50!

“The Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Tech 50 Awards represent southwestern Pennsylvania’s most successful and innovative technology companies. The awards represent transformative technology centers of excellence with companies at all stages of growth. We’re also honoring the industry’s top executives.”

These people are aware we’re from the future and they want to know about our future tech. Too bad they’ll be groovin to the music so hard that they’ll forget who they are!



Make Your Own Wireless Headphones on the Cheap

Don’t feel like dishing out a crap ton of money on wireless headphones? Well you can just make your own for about $30 bucks….Here’s how.

~Professor ASAP~

Awe Hell now i want 2 Ipads

awesome possibility


Light It Up!

This lady makes cool light up clothing. We are all about this stuff. She is responsible for Daft Punk looking all kinds of awesome.

Click the title or go here: !Lights!

~Professor ASAP~

RiP! A Remix Manifesto RiP! A Remix Manifesto

check that out if you have a spare hour and 15 mins. Its a documentery on well kind of what were all about. It follows Girl Talk and its awesome. So watch it


Mario CrossOver is Awesome

This is like my 9 year old wet dream

check out the link and give it a go

Mario Crossover


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