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Art Show FRIDAY!!

Hope you 20th or 21st ( not sure ) centery people hadnt for got about us. We had to take care of some stuff in the late 1940s but were back and heres prof!/event.php?eid=107615645965271&ref=ts

Its going to be at 5020 Penn ave and its going to have the best art ( in all of time ) and the best music ( in all of space ) if you have no prior engagements and you still miss this … i don’t know what to say … thats just sad


Over Due Post

Sorry for slackin on the blogspot. No excuses just slackin

First up BIG BIG SHOW this SATURDAY JULY 10th @ Z-Lounge on 20th and Carson @ 10 !

Secondly here are some pic from our first photo shoot more to come!

Photo: Phil Seth

Tonights SHow

Going to be a great time! This will be the first time i publicly do my video mixxing things. So come witness a birth! ( the only time i will ever type that sentence)!/event.php?eid=109056285793840&index=1


Show Tomorrow

Our 2nd time playing for these guys.

There great friends of ours and they need your money to help their art school keep on going strong…so…go… i know your not doing anything and if you what!/event.php?eid=109056285793840&index=1


The show on 4-17

just got this from the Academy of the South Side….

“The Academy of the South Side
On April 17th, we are having our second Communion rent party/fundraiser, this time with more booze, more entertainment, and more parking!

The details:
April 17th, doors open at 7pm, and admission is free, with drinks available for a small suggested donation, up to $10 for a bottomless cup of beer or wine.

The lineup:
Tracksploitation – the baddest DJs in Pittsburgh
Kirik Hava – Turkish band
Joanna and Kari of Sadiqa Belly Dancing
Paintings by The Academy

The website with more information (including parking):

We call the event “Communion”, to play on our new studio location in an old church building, and also to highlight the community of artists and supporters that call Pittsburgh home. We are hoping to make these parties a regular event to showcase exciting art and music created by talented Pittsburghers, so let’s all come together to have some drinks, listen to some good tunes, see some beautiful paintings, and support the arts.

This first party will be on Saturday, February 20th at 44 Pius Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203 in the South Side Slopes. It is our home base and also the Veronica’s Veil Player’s building, and they were generous enough to allow us to utilize the beautiful main ballroom floor for this event.

Please help us get the word out and tell your friends to come party for the arts. Detailed directions and parking information can be found on our website at”

not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good!


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