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A Tracksploitation Halloween

Last weekend Halloween show was some of the most fun i’ve had during this decade! Thanks for all those who came out and shit!Thanks Down and Dirby , We look foward to playing again Great fun was had by all. We have a show this weekend at the upstairs Z-Lounge ( ). Here are some pics and vids from last weekend

Just getting warmed up.

the Atmosphere

That one part gets me every time

I freakin love Halloween

…right .. i know

Soon as we were done at Beleveders we packed up and went to Adam Chizmars place and rocked that party too!/joeldombek/posts/720781416708


Most Wonderful time of


then PARTY AT ADAM CHIZMARS !!!!/event.php?eid=139979616046721&index=1


Were playing at the first 2 !!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!11!!1010111100001010101

And check out the best costume of 2010 ( trust me i know )


July – PITTSBURGH, PA – This months Down & Derby will showcase some new skate guards that will be sure to induce your chicken dance and stimulate your looking balls.

Pittsburgh based dj’s/vj’s/producers Professor ASAP & JCT45 will grace the skate floor under their tag team dj/vj name TRACKSPLOITATION. Bringing funky soul and roller disco accompanied by stimulating anime and roller disco visuals.

Also on the bill is our boy VICTOR HUGONOT who, as usual, will lace us with grimmey booty rocking electro and 8th grade skate jams.

And as promised every month nothing but SKATING*DRINKING*DANCING

Party for big kids,

Friends, this is a HUGE deal for us ( Tracksploitation ) so come out and have fun roller disco style !!/event.php?eid=124680270909640&ref=mf

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