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Tracksploitation on the cover of the Pittsburgh City Paper


New jct45 mix!!!! ” Field”

As always, dropping knowledge and beats from all across the genres! In “Field” we, along with Gregg Braden, take a look at the western understanding of the unifying energy field. And to help us groove, I’ve brought along Andre 3000, Peter Paul, Mary, Michael Jackson, Biggie, Paolo Vasile, The Michael Wynn Band and more! Enjoy.

New jct45 Mix ” Sons of Liberty ”

Check out the latest of the every other weekly-ish mix by jct45 ” Sons of Liberty ”

Show Tonight with Mega Def! (Strip District)

First Friday Afterparty – Friday Jan 6th – 10 pm – 2am – The Upstairs at Bar Marco – 2216 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh PA – Bands: Mega-Def – Tracksploitation – Artists Include: Lucas Stock – Ollie McClellan – Chris Savido and many more – Come one, come all!! Support local Art and Music!!


new jct45 mix! “YouDontHearWhatI’mSaying”

Check it out this weeks mix is from jct45 “YouDontHearWhatI’mSaying”.

Its funny when you put together one of these mixes after your done and listen to it a few times you see that some times subconsciously one puts messages in that they might not been aware of…it happens in all of them. In my mix “Summer Nights in the 5th Dimension” that one is about going out on a summer night and meeting a young lady but then haveing to leave…listen to the mix it’s there… this one is about Money. When you listen to it keep that in mind. It goes from having lots of money and fun to losing it all to getting some back. Anyways Enjoy


Tracksploitation — Precipitation Mixtape Vol. 2

Desigend by Matt Gondek of The Wonderful Life Clothing

Tracksploitation is more then a couple of dj’s. Its really all about artistic collaboration. Go to and check out some shirts and the blog. It’s really really great stuff !!

New jct45 Mix!!!

This weeks jct45 mix is “The Process of Continuing Growth”




The Process of Continuing Growth

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