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Oh Announcer, what are we going to do with you!

Our Announcer just sent over this for our new Bio’s too bad it exceeds the character limit

” Here are your new bios, if you want anything changed let me know, otherwise you can paste away. Also what do you think of these bios being read for the Saturday Announcing (I’m still trying to find a way of getting there)?

JCT45: Hailing from the Galaxy Ableton Live and built for one reason: Beatonomics. After earning trillions of Space Dollars painting Space Portraits of Space Royalty (His masterpiece “The 13 breasts of Baroness FaSchaal” has delighted children for centuries); the android JCT45 needed a calling. Then one night, while getting Space High, JCT received a video feed. The words were gibberish, a dead language from a dead star; but what he did understand was the title: “BREAKIN'”. From that day on, JCT made it his mission to ride the cosmos; blazing in his Dakai24-MP Starship, staying one step ahead of the Space Fuzz, and saving planets with music from the stars.

PROFESSOR ASAP: A career well championed throughout the darkness of space; A master of the infinite disciplines of sound. The universes last “Rhythm-Mancer”, Professor ASAP, has a lesson for us all. While a monk in the brotherhood sect of the “Turn Tablist” clan, The Professor was known as the fiercest of masters; eliminating every foe with only a sound. The monks revered this unmatched skill in seamless beat-matching and transition analysis to that of a Gods; and banished the Professor for fear he would destroy their planet with the ultimate beat. They were right. Now the Professor wanders through the Multi-verse; fearlessly searching for the next power level of rhythm, and the one who will match his skill . . .”


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