New jct45 Mix !!

jct45 presents ” Summer Nights in the 5th Dimension ” check it out

The Story:

jct45 phases in to the 3rd dimension on earth in 2012 during its summer season. He plans on attending a Tracksploitation show ( his past our future ) just for kicks. But the show is sold out.

jct45 decides to make the best of the situation and get a few drinks and wait out the clock till his time is up. He finds a trendy little bar and its jumping. He see’s a young earth woman at the end of the bar. Orders her a drink. She smiles. 45 struts his stuff to the end of the bar where the woman is. Doesnt say a word ; he just grabs her and they go to the dance floor. Everyone is dancing HARD! a great time is had by all..

The woman steps out for a cigarette. Her and jct45 go out side for a smoke. They end up walking down the street arm and arm , laughing and loving life. They come to her place

in her apartment she shows jct45 that she is a dress maker and models some of her more extravagant creations in front of him while he sits on the couch and roll a joint. Shit gets real sexy real quick though. They slowing undress each other and make out. Things go from the living room to the bed room.

right when things are getting super hot, 45’s phone rings. Its a call from “the Future” he knows his time is running out and he has to return to his extraction point and he has to leave now. He gets dressed. The woman is confused and pissed off. She completely over reacts, throwing stuff and yelling at 45.

its a long walk to the extraction point. jct45 walks as his would be lover finds out that jct45 is from the future and the present jct45 had just finished playing a show. jct45 goes to where he came in and phases out. back into the 5th dimension.

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